In 1979, Arthur C. Clarke wrote a novel about an elevator to space. This is the story of the people who intend to build it.


About Sky Line

SKY LINE is not just a story about trying to build the largest thing ever, it’s a story about our impulse to push limits and chase dreams, even when the results might not be seen until long after we’re gone. What drives a person to devote his life to pursuits that may take generations to achieve?

We set out to answer that question when we first went to Seattle to begin filming the folks involved in the Space Elevator Conference. We didn’t have much of a plan, but we knew everyone had a story – and we found the people that became the backbone of this film. For several years, we would revisit these eccentric and brilliant characters, until we had cobbled together a film called SKY LINE.

The story of SKY LINE is half science and half dream, much like “Fountains of Paradise”, the Arthur C. Clarke novel that was so inspirational to our characters. We hope you enjoy watching the film as much as we enjoyed making it!

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Miguel Drake-McLaughlin

Miguel is a movie lover who has been lucky enough to shoot feature films and to direct shorts for causes that inspire him. Miguel was the cinematographer for five feature films, and his work behind the camera has appeared on PBS programs Art21 and Sesame Street. Miguel has also directed short films with Greenpeace and other groups.


Jonny has worked as a content creator across a variety of media for over 20 years. Serving as an Executive Producer on films like "Sex Drugs Guns", producing/directing dozens of digital projects, and having been a regular film columnist for indieWIRE -- he has developed a unique approach to storytelling that he hopes comes through in his latest work.


Robert got his start in filmmaking as an Assistant Director on the award winning feature film Sex Drugs Guns. As a Story Producer for GMD Studios, Robert produced documentary series for major brands such as the Ford, Qualcomm and News Corp. Robert has also produced a music video with filmmaker Jonathan Caouette for the April/March song The Tic and The Toc. Recently, Robert directed a web series for the Texas Education Agency that focused on promoting secondary education to underserved students. Currently, Robert is continuing to help brands tell their story at JPL Creative.


A Brooklyn-based editor, Chris has worked in video postproduction for over fifteen years, the last seven in his own company, Skydo Postproduction, Inc. He has helped craft documentaries for national PBS and independent producers, edited short-form pieces for dozens of networks and companies, cut hundreds of hours of broadcast television from Cartoon Network to Investigation Discovery, and most recently began editing a series of short independent films featuring a blend of live action and puppetry.